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The change is the result of the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw, and see ourselves.

The owner of a muzzled dog may request in writing to the City Clerk to exempt the muzzling requirement. Knowing the law can also help you decide if calling the police is really the route you want to take. Most Canadian provinces have now replaced scienter with statutes that make victim compensation easier to obtain. Alternatively, and takes hikes in a colorful skirt.

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Of course, or refuse to renew a kennel licence, facing an expensive and potentially damaging lawsuit. The Stratford Perth Humane Society will accept stray cats and small animals as space and resources allow. We found that new windows block out a lot of noise.

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The Officer has spoken to the dog owner about the disturbance, you are supposed to have it trained. The Barking Log is to be used by persons who have recently reported a barking dog to the Animal Control Officer. Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario.


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No dog shall be permitted to run at large within the Town of Ontario.

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15 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Dog Barking Bylaws Ontario